The latest issue of Forbes Life magazine brings forth the story of Lemon Interior Design and the achievements of the business led by Cristina Căpitanu and Elena Oancea in the past year.

The two founders were the main subjects in a spectacular photo session for the autumn edition of the magazine and talked about vision and resilience, in a time when businesses face many challenges.

Lemon Interior Design is a brand built on empathy and last year the business had a 200% increase in turnover. Lemon has already established itself on the market with an original approach to interior design concepts.

"The last two years were strongly marked by the pandemic context, they were years of adaptation, of finding the best solutions for the team, of identifying the directions in which we can grow. Although a crisis is disruptive by definition, it also generates a certain solidarity and creativity, a lot of innovation, and a new perspective on communication",

Elena Oancea told Forbes Life.

And the secret of Lemon's growth lies, as Cristina Căpitanu points out, in

"involvement, passion, perseverance, and the team. We rely on these as well as on a different approach to interior design. The Lemon team is very motivated in what they do, and the good feedback we get from customers is our greatest satisfaction. We do our work with a lot of passion, enthusiasm and we aim not to deviate from the principles that guide us every day in the office: quality, originality, involvement, and sustainable services for our clients."

Regarding the business plans, the two founders explained to Forbes Life that in 2022 their objective is a 25% business increase, but also to ensure continuity in the residential and office segments, and expand in international projects, and become a relevant player from this point of view as well. With 45 specialists in the Lemon team at present, and with valuable experience in the field and an original and innovative vision, the two founders trust that they can successfully approach other markets as well.

The full interview in the fall issue of Forbes Life.