"Our office division is expanding, we have a lot of requests regarding the reshaping of office spaces"

In a special context marked by a pandemic year, Forbes Romania challenged the most famous players in the local business environment to talk about the lessons learned during this period, about certainties and predictability, but also about vacation. Elena Oancea, co-founder of Lemon Interior Design, spoke about the changes in office design, about the importance of flexible work, but also about the solutions for those companies that need team interaction.

"We have noticed an increased demand for the reshaping of office spaces according to the new rules, with an emphasis on class A offices, which integrate the latest technologies and ensure the comfort of the teams returned to work. The context of the last year has created a need for modern and safe, certified workspaces that integrate wellbeing elements. Employers are beginning to place more and more emphasis on workplace safety and the wellbeing of their teams. From this point of view, we have numerous ongoing projects at Lemon Office Design through which we recreate a new perspective to support work in a safe and comfortable environment. The office segment will continue to be interesting, and at this moment flexible and comfortable office spaces are a real necessity for many companies.”

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