In a recent interview for Biz magazine, Lemon Interior Design cofounders explained how the clients’ appetite for interior design increased during the pandemic and how our new offices will look like when we get back to work.

With a 4.5 million euros turnover in 2019, Cristina Căpitanu and Elena Oancea expect an increase for design projects as people are getting more and more preoccupied with their homes:

“In general, people were much more concerned with their homes during this period, especially since many of them worked from home. So, the interest in how we arrange our houses, how we adapt them to the new lifestyle has been growing. For our company, this was a period with demand for design projects, we had requests and ongoing projects, which we coordinated remotely”,

Elena Oancea points out.

Speaking of business management, Cristina Căpitanu states that

“a correct analysis of the last two months for Lemon Interior Design, compared to the same period of the previous year, must be made in terms of two important elements: numbers and projects. If we look at the numbers, we will notice a general slowdown in various areas, not only in design, by suspending or postponing payments, advances, which came as a compromise solution for the Romanian business environment. The implementation of these strategies in business plans is the result of a case of force majeure, which imposed a rigorous business discipline with a focus on long-term results. Even in this context, however, our company was highly active during this period and we signed important and large contracts.”

As for office design, the co-founders believe that adjustment will be made to respect all safety rules for employees. At the same time, the market will face an increasing demand for efficient offices in high-end developments, with friendly and warm designs that ensure the tenants a safe and healthy work environment.

Complete interview here.