The challenge for designers in recent years has been to transform the living space into a comfortable "home" that meets all the owners' needs for relaxation, work, or socializing. Moreover, the thought of living above the busy streets of the city, of admiring a spectacular panoramic view from your own kitchen or living room every day, with large open spaces that allow you to enjoy the city in a unique way, has lately become extremely appealing.

Haute Culture's visit to a penthouse designed by Lemon Interior Design revealed a contemporary yet very welcoming atmosphere with bold accents and breath-taking views.

"We strongly believe that a space should reflect the personality of the resident and it is equally important to know very well his / her lifestyle and the favourite activities: if, for example, the owner is passionate about cooking, a special emphasis will certainly be placed on the cooking area. If he is a young person with a dynamic lifestyle, he will definitely want specially designed spaces for parties, maybe even a cinema hall or a bar, and if we are talking about a family with children, then the playgrounds, the study room or even an indoor swimming pool can be considered",

says Cristina Căpitanu.

In her turn, Elena Oancea adds:

"For us, design respects a simple principle: individual creativity is a trend in itself, a game of all existing colours and textures, applied to the client's profile and lifestyle or business. We like to use timeless lines, warm, earthy colours, natural materials, such as wood, marble, stone, which we can "break" with accents that give attitude to the space."