Lemon Interior Design for Ziarul Financiar: „The interest in fine living, in interior design, in professional house and office decoration, has increased considerably in recent years”

The latest ZF Office edition features an interview with Cristina Căpitanu and Elena Oancea on Romanian interior design trends for working spaces. The co-founders of Lemon Interior Design have pointed out that people show an increasing interest in working with professionals when it comes to their homes, and their offices as well.

„The interest in fine living, in interior design, in professional house and office decoration has increased considerably in recent years. Therefore, the demand is high and so are the clients’ requirements. As a result, trends on Romanian market also follow international lines and standards. The big profile fairs are the ones that set the trend for interior designers who then adapt them to the local lifestyle of each country. But the basic principles are preserved: mixtures of textures and materials designed to ensure an eclectic, organic look with elegant accents, natural stone combined with rough-looking finishes, in contrast to refined elements such as velvet, metallic accents.”

Lemon Interior Design is currently involved in 32 design projects in Romania and an international one, both for residential and office compounds. The company has several remarkable ongoing office projects, including One North Gate and One Victoriei Center, as well as some spaces in Globalworth Plaza building.

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