Lemon Interior Design, founded by Cristina Căpitanu and Elena Oancea, was awarded at Forbes Life Award Gala 2021 with Forbes Good Life Interiors distinction.

The sixth edition Forbes Life Awards Gala 2021 gathered in a unique concept the most beautiful, elegant and innovative products, objects, and lifestyle experiences. Since its launch, Forbes Life has aimed to bring to the attention of Romanians the art of living beautifully - which does not necessarily mean luxury and expensive things, but the joy of seeing the beautiful part of life, small pleasures, good deeds, and all the ingredients that make up a life lived beautifully and usefully: ”The Forbes Life Awards gala brings the "good life" closer to all people who believe in it”.

The Gala awarded the people who find inspiration in art and beauty, and are able to connect everything that happens around them in a form of living-art. Elena Oancea, co-founder of Lemon Interior Design was present at Forbes Life Awards Gala to receive Forbes Good Life Interiors award.

”For us, design translates into the harmony of the space in which we live or carry out our daily activities. It is like an oasis of peace, a necessary sanctuary in a century of speed. Last year, we all began to look at out homes or workspaces differently and to understand the important role the aesthetic part plays in everything around us. Beauty means not only shapes and textures, colors and appearances, beauty is a state, a way of being, a lifestyle, a way of relating to what you are as a person”,

said Elena Oancea, co-founder of Lemon Interior Design.

Lemon design concepts stand out in the segment by the desire to offer a different perspective on interiors through original design, fine lines, quality and a timeless touch. With an increased interest in details, Lemon Interior Design team of specialists always creates a personalized interior adapted to the individuality of each client, organically mixing the space with the design, social and personal components of each beneficiary.

The sixth edition of Forbes Life Award Gala 2021 brought the public closer to successful brands and characters in the world of jewelry, watchmaking, technology, art, restaurants, travel, through the experiential approach.