With a 3.8 million euros turnover in 2018, Lemon Interior Design establishes new rules and trends when it comes to interior design projects. Founded by Cristina Căpitanu and Elena Oancea, the company has recently entered the office market with a division that focuses on complete and customized design, as well as implementation solutions for office spaces.

In the latest New Money issue, the two entrepreneurs talk about their professional history, as well as the upcoming plans for the company.

”A major component in designing workplaces is the concept of wellbeing. We talk about comfort, aesthetic elements, natural accents that mingle in an office environment in order to create a cosy and friendly place. Our residential clients began requesting us to manage their working spaces as well and thus the idea of an office division emerged. And let’s admit it: people tend to spend more and more time at work and are now looking for warm places, for designs that integrate `homey` details and make them feel comfortable.”

– the two founders said for New Money.

What are the company’s future plans and strategy and how will the market look in the next year, in their opinion, you can read in the New Money interview.