Claudio Cisullo, Chairman of the Board of Directors at One United Properties, argued in a recent article for Financial Intelligence publication that real estate is a safe haven in times of inflation or recession.

He spoke positively about the prospects for real estate investments, given that they are tangible assets.

"From the discussions I have had with high-ranking people around the world I have not heard anyone say that the recession will not happen. We will probably see a recession that will slow down inflation, and a reluctance to buy normal goods. But we are in the real estate business. What could be better in times of inflation or recession than real estate, and tangible assets?! I am very confident (n.n. about the prospects of the real estate market) even in the event of a recession. And I don't think we will see a prolonged recession, because we already had a recession during the pandemic",

pointed out Claudio Cisullo for Financial Intelligence.

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