Introducing One Lake Club: a residential development designed for modern living, blending contemporary apartments with a wealth of integrated facilities. Located by the picturesque lakeside, this exclusive complex boasts seven residential buildings, complemented by commercial spaces and a large variety of services available on the ground floor.

One Lake Club offers a premium lakeside experience with spacious apartments that provide breathtaking views. Sustainability lies at the core of our principles, ensuring that residents can enjoy both comfort and eco-conscious living. Embracing an innovative design, the complex showcases a variety of integrated services: green spaces, swimming pool, gym and many more.

The development stands to gain considerable advantages from utilizing geothermal heat pumps, the most advanced and eco-friendly energy sources. These geo-exchange solutions stand out for their emission-free operation, as they produce no carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or any other greenhouse gases that contribute to air pollution. Furthermore, their efficient design negates the need for significant fuel consumption, such as gas, oil, propane, or coal, resulting in lower operating costs and a significantly reduced environmental footprint. As a result, residents can enjoy not only reduced heating and cooling expenses compared to traditional methods but also the added benefit of long-term consumption autonomy with predictable cost outcomes.

Embrace a lifestyle that harmonizes modernity, comfort, and convenience in ONE package. Welcome to a world where each moment is an enchanting experience. Welcome to One Lake Club!

The key features that enhance the quality of life at One Lake Club include:

  • Sustainable materials, as a result of environmental consciousness.
  • Energy-efficient systems that diminish resource consumption.
  • Low-pollution installation systems that contribute to a cleaner environment.
  • Excellent indoor air quality, for a pleasant and healthy living environment.
  • Underground parking for superior comfort.

One Lake Club

About the neighbourhood

One Lake Club boasts a strategic location with convenient access to a large variety of attractions and amenities. Situated close to Promenada Mall and Floreasca Quarter, residents can enjoy nearby amenities like restaurants, cafes, gyms and more. With the city's finest commercial services, delightful dining options, cozy cafes, and fitness clubs just a short distance away, One Lake Club ensures that every aspect of modern urban living is within easy reach. The development benefits from close proximity to the subway, providing residents with quick access to various points of interest throughout the city.