One High District is a community-based real estate concept, offering residents more than just a living space. The development totals 786 apartments spread over three towers, 28 commercial spaces, and no less than 1,134 parking spaces, all making up a premium private complex.

Located in the Floreasca-Barbu Vacarescu area, on a plot of approximately 25,000 sqm, of which more than 30% are green areas, the development offers future residents a modern, sustainable urban lifestyle, with contemporary design apartments.

One High District will benefit from the most advanced and environmentally friendly energy source, the geothermal heat pumps. Geo-exchange solutions do not emit carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse gases that contribute to air pollution. In addition, since the geo-exchange systems do not burn significant amounts of fuel such as gas, oil, propane, or coal, they operate at a lower cost and are much cleaner. Consequently, the costs for heating and cooling are not only lower than traditional solutions but also predictable, offering long-term consumption autonomy.

One High District

About the neighbourhood

Located in the 2nd district in Bucharest, in proximity to the A3 highway, One High District development will provide quick access to the Floreasca area, One Gallery commercial centre, malls, as well as to other points of interest in the city - commercial services and leisure activities, restaurants, cafes, gym.