830,000 euros is the total amount of One United Properties' investment in relocating the I.G. Duca Primary School to the One Cotroceni Park office project, starting with the beginning of the new school year on September 11th.

This educational institution, the first school in Romania to temporarily have its headquarters in an office building, will operate at this location for two years. During this time, the old building, classified with a second-degree seismic risk, will undergo consolidation and modernization. The designated space for the school will be 1,375 square meters, and the rental costs will be 20,000 euros plus VAT per month, fully supported by the real estate developer.

”For the total of two years, it would mean 480,000 euros in rent supported by One United Properties since we will not be leasing to anyone else during this 24-month period. All the office space arrangement, coordination of specialties, and design coordination were carried out by ONE company employees and subcontractors”,

explains Andrei Diaconescu, co-CEO and co-founder of One United Properties.

The arrangement of office spaces to meet the educational needs of the students at the I.G. Duca Primary School added an additional rental cost of 350,000 euros plus VAT, bringing the total investment by One United Properties in this project to 830,000 euros.

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