In support of Romanian entrepreneurship and the development of the local business sector, One United Properties was a prominent presence at the Romanian Entrepreneurs Tours. This remarkable event took place in five important cities in the country: Iași, Timișoara, Oradea, Cluj, and Brașov, bringing together a series of elite voices in the business world.

Distinguished speakers such as Avi Cicirean, the founder of Brand Minds & Brand Emotions, Cristian Onețiu, investor, author, and entrepreneur, Andreea Raicu, a well-known public figure and the founder of Amalin and Mindfulness Leader, and Cristina Bâtlan, the founder of the Romanian brand Musette, captivated audiences with their exceptional experience and knowledge.

One United Properties' involvement in this tour aimed to strengthen connections and enrich entrepreneurial knowledge. One of the key messages conveyed was the support for the entrepreneurial environment, reflecting its own identity as a strong entrepreneurial brand. The company has made a firm commitment to promote entrepreneurial education and has taken on the role of contributing to the growth and consolidation of the business sector in Romania.

This active presence in the Romanian Entrepreneurs Tours confirms One United Properties' ongoing commitment to economic development and support for the local entrepreneurial community.