Victor Căpitanu, co-founder of One United Properties, was present at Ziarul Financiar show “Deschiderea de astăzi”, shortly after the company's listing on the Main Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

He talked about the beginnings of the company on the capital market, but also about other plans that the developer will carry out in the next period.

”It was a pretty bold decision to make an initial public offer because you don't exactly know how such an offer will end. For the rest of the placements that have been made so far you know where you stand before you list the company. But at initial public offers, you know where you stand only on the last day of subscription. You need a lot of courage to do this. But I think the market is ready, it has matured in the past years and there are many investors looking for interesting opportunities. We wanted to take advantage of this before other investors.

The process itself was fast, we made the decision three months before and I was pleasantly impressed by the involvement of our colleagues from BRK and Filip & Company. The Bucharest Stock Exchange also collaborated very well, as well as The Financial Supervisory Authority. We were pleasantly surprised that all the counterparties in the market supported the listing and made an effort to make everything go as quickly and smoothly as possible”,

stated Victor Căpitanu.

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