In an article by, One United Properties talked about its plans to restore Ford Hall, as part of the urban regeneration efforts that the company is carrying out.

"Ford hall is one of the historical landmarks of Bucharest that One United Properties has undertaken to restore. Following the purchase of the Ford Hall, One United Properties made and is making significant investments for the restoration of the building, in order to protect and regenerate Bucharest's cultural heritage. It will not be demolished but restored through a complex process whereby the original facades are preserved, the structure is rebuilt, and then the facades are attached to the new structure. This is a very common restoration procedure used by specialists around the world to preserve the original appearance of the restored historic buildings."

Until the nationalization of the "Industrial, mining, banking, insurance and transport enterprises" in 1948, the Ford-România S.A.R Automobile Plant was an important and spectacular symbol of the industrial development of interwar Romania, shows. The "Scînteia" newspaper of June 13, 1948, triumphantly announced: "The enterprises torn from the greedy hands of the exploiters become the common good of the entire people." After the establishment of communism, the Ford-Romania Plant in Floreasca was renamed "Autoindependența'', then, in 1960, it became the Automatica State Industrial Enterprise, a unit that, among other complex equipment, produced nuclear products in the 80s. Ford Hall was not demolished after 1948, survived communism, and was listed on the List of Historic Monuments. One United Properties purchased the historic building from Auchan Romania, and after restoration, it will become One Gallery, a modern space that preserves its historical accents, with commercial and office functions".

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