One developments define a new urban landmark, which offers residents a truly upscale atmosphere, through the quality of the technologies used and the unique design, as well as the spectacular views. Ready-to-use apartments are closely linked to their unique location, as shown in the latest issue of ELLE Decoration magazine.

Located in the energetic heart of the city, the housing complexes where these apartments are located offer future residents an alternative to the urban agglomeration and preserve the vibrancy of the area. We are talking about apartments in emblematic developments, such as One Mircea Eliade, One Verdi Park, One Herăstrău Towers, One Charles de Gaulle or One Mamaia Nord 1, which replaces the urban view with that of the beach and the sea.

The common denominator of the exclusive collection of ready-to-use apartments is the floor-to-ceiling glazing with panoramic views of the urban landscape, which offers a dynamic and at the same time comfortable lifestyle. The current lifestyle has given birth to a natural need for relaxation, and the interior design of the appliances transforms the space into a true sanctuary of well-being and fine living. The truth is that when you enter one of the ready-to-use apartments, especially those on the upper floors, it takes your breath away. It's an effect that follows you everywhere, which gives living a different spatial meaning. This effect translated into everyday life transcends to a new type of living and level of quality of life.