In a recent talk with CPI Imobiliare, One United Properties was named Developer of the Future and challenged to discuss the trends in real estate.

With 9 working sites at present, the company delivers projects designed to become true urban cultural landmarks. Quality always comes first and goes hand in hand with sustainability.

One United Properties co-founder, Victor Căpitanu, admits that when it comes to real estate, the key to success can be summed up in just a few words - performance, location, wellbeing.

"This period has shown us something we strongly believe in, that sustainable property, developed to the highest standards and located in a key area will always remain a real investment, no matter how uncertain the times."

One philosophy points to the cultural element and all the company’s projects start from the desire to create urban cultural landmarks, not just to build new buildings. The concept of each project is established following international architectural competitions and is always based on a well-defined lifestyle. Furthermore, all office spaces in the company's portfolio are being WELL certified, a standard that focuses on the employee and his benefits at work, and One Tower office building in One Floreasca City project is one of the first healthy buildings in the country.

Given the growing trend of urbanization, the need to move in the direction of ecological real estate developments is a constant preoccupation for One United Properties.

"We are already developing certified buildings, which include renewable energy technologies and waste reduction. We constantly invest in green spaces, infrastructure and the surroundings of our projects, which we see as communities",

said One United co-founder.

In fact, in his opinion, long-term real estate projects can be considered sustainable if they achieve a clear goal - buildings will produce the amount of energy they consume, in the form of renewable energy.

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