Beatrice Dumitrașcu, CEO of ONE United Properties Residential Division, was invited to the “Smart Estate” digital conference powered by Gândul to speak about the real estate market in 2021, about mixed-use concepts, but also about the basic concept that underlies One United Properties` developments.

"2021 looks extraordinary. Considering the lockdown period and the fact that people tried to rethink how they want to live, we had a lot of special projects that include housing units such as penthouses, because right now people tend to choose much larger living spaces and much larger terraces or garden apartments. They are looking to have more space. We must keep in mind that once the client becomes more educated in terms of knowing their own housing needs it becomes easier for all those who develop housing units to design spaces that serves all categories of people and all their needs”,

stated Beatrice Dumitrașcu.

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