One United Properties took centre stage on Antena 3's Program „Intelligent Romania”, unveiling their pioneering partnership with National Institute of Research in Construction. This collaboration represents a groundbreaking step towards sustainable development, in a concerted effort to redefine the standards of sustainable living by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and environmentally conscious practices into the very foundation of urban dwellings.

The TV show highlighted the fact that at the core of this collaboration is a series of exhaustive tests conducted by the National Institute of Research in Construction, aiming to evaluate the performance of ONE properties in terms of energy efficiency, occupant health, and overall comfort. The study delves into 13 crucial parameters, ranging from temperature and humidity to solid and organic particles, radon levels, and more.

Mihai Toader-Pasti, Sustainability Consultant at One United Properties, highlighted for „Intelligent Romania” the comprehensive nature of these measurements: "We measure beyond the basics, examining solid and organic particles, radon, and 10 other essential factors. It's a holistic approach to ensure the well-being of the occupants and the sustainability of the living environment."

„Intelligent Romania” TV program delved into the energy efficiency aspect of ONE developments, emphasizing the importance of a well-sealed living space. The study underscores that a properly sealed home not only contributes to reduced utility bills but also enhances thermal comfort by preventing the loss of warm or cool air from the interior. The TV material also explored the significance of acoustic control in creating a liveable environment.

As the real estate industry shifts towards a more sustainable future, this collaboration between One United Properties and the National Institute of Research in Construction sets a precedent for the integration of advanced technologies and environmentally conscious practices, offering a promising vision for the evolution of urban living in Bucharest.