In an extensive interview for Cultura magazine, Andrei Diaconescu, co-founder and CEO of One United Properties, pointed out that Romanians have a growing interest in residential real estate that reflects their lifestyle.

"The last two years have shown us that Romanians have a growing interest for housing spaces that reflect their lifestyle, giving them the comfort they need. Sustainability and green certification will continue to be very important, especially as such criteria provide access to green credit, with multiple benefits for homeowners. I think that multifunctional developments will be just as popular because the concept they propose means more time for family or activities that we all enjoy. As an example, I would mention One Cotroceni Park, which we are currently developing on the site of the former Ventilatorul platform and which is the largest urban regeneration project in today's Bucharest, that will revitalize an entire neighbourhood. With the residential offer of this ensemble, One also enters the segment of medium and medium-high incomes and proposes an original concept, which integrates over 850 homes, ultra-modern office spaces, as well as a wide range of services and facilities, such as green spaces, restaurants, running and cycling tracks, cafes, gym, swimming pool, pharmacies, cleaning services, cinema, dynamic offices, modern apartments and educational facilities. We can easily say that One Cotroceni Park is shaping up as a real city within a city, which will bring value to the local community and to Bucharest itself, ”

said Andrei Diaconescu.

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