Beatrice Dumitrascu, CEO Residential Division, One United Properties, participated at Graphein Talks, where she discussed sales, real estate, and the building spaces in Bucharest.

In the context of recent events that we all faced, global pandemic and then war in Ukraine, the perspective of customers and investors on purchasing decisions has also changed, given the uncertainty of the markets. At the same time, the need for housing remained high in Romania, correlated with the increase in salaries.

„The need for housing is very high in Romania, and the purchasing power has also increased in recent years, as a result of the increase in salaries. In the context of the war in Ukraine, it was an initial shock, with some customers putting their purchasing decisions on standby; Another challenge during this period was the increase in construction costs, which led to increases in prices and the finished product”,

points out Beatrice Dumitrascu.

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