Social Media Summit is an annual event organized by the business publication BIZ. The event has built, over more than 20 editions, a community of 2000+ communication professionals, from companies and PR agencies to marketers or influencers, who meet annually to find out the answer to a simple question: how can Social Media help brands?

Beatrice Dumitrașcu, Residential Division CEO of One United Properties, participated as a speaker at this event. She discussed how a real estate company communicates in the field of Social Media, providing examples of good practices from the online activity of One United Properties.

„As an intro to this whole story about Social Media, I have to say that these days, many of us do not realize how privileged we are and what kind of benefits our presence on Social Media can bring us if we know how to use it in a relevant way”,

said Beatrice Dumitrașcu during the conference.

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