The Chairman of the Board of Directors of One United Properties discussed with Ziarul Financiar about the growth prospects in Bucharest and the development potential of the city, especially in the real estate sector.

"The advantage in Bucharest is that you can still build in very good locations. This will be possible for another 15 years at most. There are many who want to sell us land, and we are now analysing opportunities and analysing other areas in Romania that fit our strategy. The potential in Bucharest is high, and our goal is to change this city ",

said Claudio Cisullo.

He also stressed that Romania is very interesting from a real estate point of view:

“Romania already has international brands on the local market, salaries are rising, and everyone wants a better life, a better home. In the Czech Republic and Hungary, we have higher labour costs, which is why yields are lower there and higher here."

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