One month after the company's debut on the Main Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), One United Properties will benefit from the issuer's Market Maker services offered by BRK Financial Group.

Starting with August 11, 2021, One United Properties (stock symbol ONE), a leading real estate developer of green residential, office and mixed-use real estate projects in Bucharest, will benefit from the issuer's Market Making services offered by BRK Financial Group, one of the most active brokers in the segment of structured products traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. One United Properties was listed on BVB's Main Market this year on July 12, after successfully concluding the first IPO in seven years, through which the company attracted RON 260 million from active investors in the capital market, thus becoming the third largest Romanian entrepreneurial company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

"One United Properties is today the largest real estate company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. This is a new beginning, and we are confident in the growth prospects for our company, given the unaddressed demand for sustainable and quality products, the very good moment of the real estate sector, but also the favourable macroeconomic climate. We debuted on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in the first month of trading with the second-best liquidity among all listed companies and we continue to prioritize the liquidity of the company's shares, which is why we decided to implement together with BRK the Market Making program, which we believe will help us to further strengthen our position on the capital market",

says Victor Căpitanu, co-founder of One United Properties.

"We congratulate One United Properties for its openness to the capital market and to the investors and we thank them for choosing us as partners within the Issuer's Market Maker program. By including One United Properties in the portfolio of clients for which we provide the Issuer's Market Making service, we mark two important milestones: on the one hand we exceed RON 10 billion the cumulative capitalization of clients for which we ensure liquidity support, and on the other hand One United Properties becomes the customer with the largest capitalization for which we provide this service. We have calibrated a very competitive listing package (the equivalent of at least EUR 60,000 in IDB and 60,000 in ASK) to a spread of about 1.5% and thus we hope to contribute to a sustained liquidity of ONE shares. As we well know, liquidity is the main criterion for including and allocating weights, both in local and international indices, such as Emerging Markets indices, according to the classification of global index provider FTSE Russell and we hope to see ONE shares as rather both in the indices published by BVB and in the FTSE Russell indices”,

said Monica Ivan, General Manager BRK Financial Group.

The specific parameters applicable to the Issuer's Market Maker activity performed by BRK Financial Group for One United Properties shares are available here.

The Issuer's Market Maker is the participant in BVB's trading system that has assumed the role of supporting the liquidity of a financial instrument, based on a contract concluded with the issuer of the respective financial instruments, as well as with BVB. More information on the general framework applicable to the MME program can be found here.