On May 17th, One United Properties participated in the ESG Summit 2022 event organized by Ziarul Financiar, in which important players from various sectors of the business environment explained how important it is and how they include in their strategies the ESG tactics - Environmental, Social Governance and Corporate.

Zuzanna Kurek, IR & Sustainability Manager at One United Properties, said during the event that investors’ interest in soliciting non-financial reporting from companies has begun to grow more recently, with many investors setting a priority in consulting the sustainability report.

"At One United Properties, the sustainability part has somehow become much more important and visible after the listing of the company on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. We are now working on the second edition of the sustainability report, and our idea is to add new criteria every year. We have a lot of standards, and a lot of information that can be reported and we need to start with the basics. In our case, we focus on organizing our activity according to each of the criteria in the ESG",

said Zuzanna Kurek.

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