One United Properties (BVB: ONE), the leading green investor and developer of residential, mixed-use, and office real estate in Romania, announces that one year after the sales launch for One Lake District, a large-scale sustainable development located right on the shore of Lake Plumbuita, 80% of Phase 1 has been pre-sold. This phase includes over 620 apartments and the corresponding parking spaces. One Lake District Phase 1 has a gross development value of over EUR 138 million, with completion estimated for the second quarter of 2025.

Additionally, the developer announces the sales opening for Phase 2 of One Lake District development, with over 860 housing units and the corresponding parking spaces available. The estimated completion date for Phase 2 is the third quarter of 2026. The gross development value of One Lake District Phase 2 is over EUR 150 million.

The unique feature of the One Lake District development lies in its ability to transform an industrial area, the site of a former brick factory, into a vibrant centre of synergies, exchanges, and urban interconnections, creating a new community that enjoys diverse commercial, leisure, and educational facilities. To enhance the quality of life and comfort for the new community and local residents, One United Properties has acquired four additional plots of land – with areas of 1,461 sqm, 9,017 sqm, 1,713 sqm, and 6,994 sqm (a total of 19,185 sqm) – to invest in the efficient development of access areas, infrastructure, and provided services. Thus, the total area of the land that will host One Lake District and its related services is 100,458 sqm. In this extensive urban operation, One Lake District plays a crucial role: the complex, which will be directly connected to the A3 highway, acts as a link between the highway area and Lake Plumbuita, transforming the functions of these areas from utilitarian infrastructure to a key driver for urban regeneration. The developer will invest nearly EUR 1 million in the development of necessary access and infrastructure.

”Aligning with our long-term strategic urban regeneration development plan, One Lake District is an evolving project that redefines the industrial area of the former brick factory into a large urban waterfront with access to Lake Plumbuita. The success of this development is due to our sustainable living proposal targeting the middle and upper-middle segments, as well as the integrated concept. In addition to designing residential, leisure, and educational facilities, addressing public space in the communities living in this area is also urgent and necessary to provide dignified infrastructure that ensures the quality of life for the population. Therefore, we believe that One Lake District demonstrates the potential to transform an industrial area into a place of urban and human interconnection”,

says Beatrice Dumitrașcu, CEO Residential Division One United Properties.

One Lake District aims to strengthen the connection between the city and the chain of lakes in the Tei-Plumbuita area. By combining residential, educational, recreational, and commercial facilities, One Lake District promotes the idea of community, it becomes a hub of attraction, and opens the way for the Andronache and Colentina areas residents to the future lakeside promenade and a wide range of services. In addition to residential and service areas, One Lake District includes two buildings with three and four floors, respectively, intended for the establishment of a school, kindergarten, nursery, after-school, and administrative services. The design of the complex seeks to maximize space and sunlight for green areas between buildings, with a connection to outdoor playgrounds. The commercial spaces will bring numerous services to future residents, high-quality dining options, and relaxation areas that will serve the entire neighbourhood, not just the residents. Additionally, a four-story above-ground parking structure will free the complex from some of the car traffic.

One United Properties has an integrated approach to the development of One Lake District, involving a collaborative co-creation process with citizens, the business community, and nearby institutions and authorities to further enhance the existing cultural, social, and natural framework. One Lake District is a sustainable, aesthetic, and inclusive urban space, aligned with the principles of the New European Bauhaus, aiming to integrate sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion in urban development with accessible spaces for all, and the objectives of the 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities program, which aims to transform 100 European cities into smart and climate-neutral urban centres by 2030 through improved energy performance and mobility.

In this regard, One Lake District will benefit from the geoexchange system, operated in partnership with Veolia Romania, designed to provide renewable energy to all residents. This system is among the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space utilization systems available. By implementing this technological solution that uses the Earth's thermal energy as the source for the buildings' heating, ventilation, and cooling system, approximately 2,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year will be avoided, the equivalent of emissions from 2,000 cars per year, compared to traditional systems. The investment in the geoexchange system amounts to EUR 6.4 million euros for the first two phases of One Lake District development.

Conceived as a new urban neighbourhood, One Lake District offers a mix of functions and open spaces capable of creating opportunities for meeting and socializing for the entire community, promoting access to a range of recreational facilities currently non-existent in the area and supporting urban mobility.