Behind every powerful brand there are people and stories. People who believed in their dream no matter what. People who were meant to meet and do great things together. This is the story of One United Properties founders – Victor Căpitanu and Andrei Diaconescu – who accepted to speak about friendship, trust, dreams, work and plans in the latest issue of Business Magazin.

When two make One.

This could be the brief story of One United Properties founders. Victor and Andrei speak in Business Magazin interview about their beginnings in the industry and how their professional paths came together. In fact, they complement each other not just in the way they communicate, but also in the way they increased their businesses, whether we are talking about their first entrepreneurial bet, the investment house Capital Partners or the real estate developer One United Properties, currently valued at 250 million euros.

Both Victor and Andrei began their careers in the financial field and soon their intuition and hardworking would pay off: they left the banks in 2005 and established Rapid Finance that would become in the near future Capital Partners.

“It was a complicated decision, we had several brainstorming meetings, we asked ourselves whether it would go wrong or not – I wasn’t sure. We both could have gotten promoted within the bank, so it was a hard decision to make. But once we've made it, everything got simpler”, Andrei Diaconescu remembers.

After exiting Capital Partners, the two turned their attention to real estate.

“We first started with the work and then came the name. We named our first big project One Floreasca Lake, but we did not want to limit to one address only, so we also decided to name the company One”,

Victor Căpitanu remembers. What was their business strategy?

“We preferred to start with high end products – as an example I give you One Charles de Gaulle, the most exclusive product on the market at the moment.” According to Victor Căpitanu, such a strategy is a smarter approach: “If you do cheap apartments, it's hard to continue with luxury apartments. Instead, if you brand yourself as a high end developer, it's then easier to target a more affordable niche.”

You can read many interesting facts on the company’s history, investment plans as well as its market value and other financial exclusive data in the latest issue of Business Magazin (ro).