Victor Căpitanu and Andrei Diaconescu, founders of One United Properties, agreed to talk about their beginnings in real estate business and the future of the company for March issue of Forbes Romania. In the past 9 years since the founding of One United Properties, the two entrepreneurs have implemented a simple, yet efficient business strategy: hard work, discipline and equilibrium.

Forbes Romania team interviewed Victor Căpitanu and Andrei Diaconescu about their latest investment in the former Automatica industrial area, located at blvd. Mircea Eliade and Calea Floreasca crossroads. Their 100 million euros investment in the area will improve the development and aesthetics of the entire Floreasca area.

One United Properties will develop in the area a multifunctional and large scale project, which will integrate an exclusivist residential complex - One Mircea Eliade, and a high-end office building - One Tower. The commercial area inside the complex will be developed by Auchan Romania. The entire structure is authorized for a 125,000 sqm built area (73,000 sqm above-ground and 52,000 sqm underground).

Similar to every building developed by One United Properties, this new structure will also integrate an energetically efficient plan, with Green certificate and minimal impact on environment. The investment will not target only the buildings, but the entire area as well, hence the road infrastructure will be improved and 1,200 parking spaces will be created in order for the traffic to become more fluid. The infrastructure will also be modernized in a large and complex project designed by the investor. Thus, Calea Floreasca will be band-spread and the road will be enlarged from four to six road sections, with one road lane on each way of traffic. The Glinka - Floreasca crossroad will be reconfigured to improve traffic. In addition, a new traffic solution will be implemented by a new deceleration band on Mircea Eliade blvd., which will improve the waiting time in intersection. In this way, the traffic system will become more efficient. This solution is possible only for a 1,100 sqm ground donation by One United Properties to the city of Bucharest.

One United Properties founders reveal in the interview their plans regarding Automatica area, the advantages of their investment in Floreasca, as well as their future business plans.