In an interview with Investment Reports, Mihai Păduroiu, CEO Office Disivion One United Properties, spoke about his career, the real estate market and One United Properties` new real estate concept, which comprises latest generation office spaces with many certifications.

”Our newly developed office buildings are branded with the international green certificate LEED Platinum, but also with the WELL certificates that attests the wellness levels perceived by employees. Before the pandemic, clients were mainly interested in the commercial terms of the lease (rent price, service charge, facilities, etc.), but nowadays attention shifted towards these certifications. Almost all companies are looking for ways to upgrade their classic offices and turn them into healthy, employee-oriented spaces where work feels less like a chore”,

Mihai Păduroiu stated.

One United Properties` entire portfolio of offices is being WELL Health and Safety certified, which is the most rigorous certification focused on employee and on-the-job benefits. Therefore, in a pandemic context, One United Properties met the needs of the companies not only by integrating LEED and WELL certifications, but also by creating office space projects that highlighted the normal, healthy balance between hours spent working outdoors, on the office terrace, and time at home, where the special design and comfort contribute to the family wellbeing.

The Office Division of One United Properties differentiates as a business unit on the market due to its dynamic structure and versatility, as every potential client is able to find its match in the portfolio. The most important factors taken into consideration when developing a project at One United Properties are bringing both real estate and economic value through new jobs and investments, but also transforming the urban landscape and impacting the local community in a positive way.

The CEO of Office Division at One United Properties confessed that he believes in Romania’s growth potential in the real estate market: ”Romanian real estate market is by far one of the most attractive in Europe”.

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