One Herăstrău Towers, the project developed by One United Properties in Herăstrău, will be completed by the end of this year and meets all the standards to be a landmark residential development of the area.

It is what Ziarul Financiar names the Manhattan of Bucharest. In a recent cover analysis, the newspaper argues that the Northern part of Bucharest is continually developing despite the pandemic crisis, with exclusive developments selling for million euros each. Beatrice Dumitrașcu, VP Residential Division One United Properties, explained for ZF what the advantages of this area are:

„The main advantage is represented by Floreasca Lake and Herăstrău Park and Lake, which is the largest in Bucharest. They form one of the largest park-lake ensembles in Europe. The area is close to the 2 airports of the city, which is again another advantage. This has always been and will remain an exclusive area with high potential.”

In addition to that, Beatrice notices that many of the people working in Herăstrău business-parks do not have enough residential options:

„If we consider the great number of companies and corporations operating in this area, we understand that there are not enough options in the residential segment for these people. Time has become more and more important for all of us and in this context multifunctional projects with homes, offices, and commercial spaces all in one are the choice of an increased number of customers. Time is very precious for all of us and that is why we are witnessing the trend of reducing the hours spent on the road to work or shopping.”

Ziarul Financiar also points out that Herăstrău area and Satul Francez neighborhood generate real estate transactions of over EUR 400 million.

One United Properties is currently developing in Herăstrău area exclusive projects, such as One Herăstrău Towers (148 residential units, 5,250 sqm commercial and offices, with delivery in Q4 2020), One Verdi Park (134 residential units, 23,000 GLA sqm offices, and approximately 2,800 sqm commercial, with delivery in Q4 2021), One Floreasca City (247 housing units, 24,000 GLA sqm offices, and approximately 1,900 sqm commercial, with delivery in Q4 2020), NEO Floreasca Lake (50 housing units, with delivery in Q2 2022).

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