On December 14th Romania Green Building Council awarded the most innovative green building projects of the year in an elegant event that brought together experts and professionals in the field. One United Properties received the title of ”Sustainable Company of the Year 2017”. This event is dedicated to all members of the construction and real estate community that holds a green certificate and submitted their green projects. The awards go to those companies that develop sustainable, efficient and healthy buildings and to those who prove their ongoing effort to maintain eco-friendly top standards.

This is a new and important award for One United Properties following many others. Last week the company was awarded during the 10th Gala of CIJ Awards Romania 2017 for outstanding and sustainable projects. The company is the winner of ”Best Residential Development & Developer of The Year” Award for its latest residential project – One Herăstrău Park. Even more, this year One United Properties was also awarded at the Forbes Green Award for sustainability and the "Green Homes" certification, Excellence level, issued by Romania Green Building Council (thus, One Herăstrău Park becomes the first residential complex in Bucharest with this certificate).

Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) is a non-profit, non-political association of businesses and other organizations active throughout the country. It is the leading organization promoting environmental responsibility and energy efficiency in the Design, Construction, Operation, and Deconstruction of Romania's buildings.

One United Properties is an innovative corporate group, dedicated to accelerating the adoption of building practices that result in energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable residential buildings. One United Properties has several residential complexes already launched (188 apartments), while other projects are on-going (340 apartments) or due to future accomplishment (more than 500 apartments). One United Properties is an innovative brand that focuses on eco-friendly construction methods, efficient and sustainable residential complexes. One of its projects, One Herăstrău Park, is the first residential complex in Bucharest with a "Green Homes" certification, Excellence level, issued by Romanian Green Building Council. One United Properties is also the winner of the Best Residential Development & Developer of the Year Award at CIJ Awards Romania 2017. The company was awarded a Green Award from Forbes magazine in 2017.