Andrei Corobea was present as a representative of One United Properties at the BIMCON SUMMIT 2022 event, where he spoke about urban regeneration facilitated by technology, but especially about the importance of the teams that work on construction sites day after day to implement the most innovative construction solutions and how they can use digital transformation.

For the fourth year, the event brought together experts from the world of construction technologies and standards to discuss innovation and high-tech in the construction sector. "Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the foundation of the digital transformation in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry", believes Andrei Corobea, and this is because the impact that BIM can have on the lives of the workers on construction sites is major.

"The use of digitized systems in construction is a working model by which problems can be solved today. With the help of this software, we can change the construction industry, increase productivity in the construction site, and change the standards of comfort and quality for the developments we build. We can change our lifestyle at work, we can make our life easier at work. With the help of BIM, we can have a sustainable management thought in the medium and long term, where predictability is something natural",

said Andrei.

Regarding the adoption of these technologies, according to the data of the Association for Research, Development, and Implementation of Technologies in Construction, 29% of construction companies in Europe use 3D BIM. By comparison, in the UK 90% of architects use BIM, in France 40%, while in Romania less than 15% of built projects use the BIM standard.