During the Night of Architecture Studios event, an original Romanian Design Week format in which One Floreasca City also took part this year, Andrei Diaconescu spoke with the guests of the design office X Architecture & Engineering. The co-founder of One United Properties emphasized not only the importance of the team of architects to a real estate developer, but also the joint effort they make to bring improvements to the urban lifestyle.

While in the past merchants and businessmen had the obligation to contribute to supporting the arts and society, today, the co-founder of One United Properties points out that social responsibility comes from the shareholders, who are increasingly aware of the common good they can do.

"In my opinion, the trend is reversing today, with things like ESG and CSR putting pressure on companies through investors, on contributing to the wellbeing of society. Which is an extraordinary thing, in my opinion. This is also the reason why we have engaged in the ESG process and will try to bring it to the level of art. This can mean doing urban regenerations or donating to schools and other activities, the important thing is that it is very present in the minds of everyone who works here. The important thing is to have a constant collective effort."

Night of Architecture Studios is an event that takes place during Romanian Design Week and promotes the creative industries, with a special focus on architecture studios in Bucharest.