The co-founder of One United Properties spoke at the ZF Capital Market Conference about the importance of discipline in business in uncertain times, such as the current situation defined by the Covid-19 crisis, the war, and galloping inflation.

"Discipline is very important. In uncertain situations you have to do what you know, and in our case, doing what we know is to continue investing in Bucharest, a market we are familiar with, to test other markets, but to make the investments when we are ready", pointed out Andrei Diaconescu.

He also declared that the performance of ONE share compared to the performance of the sector is superior, given that since the beginning of the war the sector has decreased by approximately 40% throughout Europe.

"And we are somewhere at minus 4%. Everything depends on these pillars: cash, low debts, good position, good product."

Regarding the developments in Bucharest, Andrei Diaconescu believes that, especially in countries like Romania, building around the capital does nothing but generate unbearable traffic.

"There are enough areas in Bucharest that we can develop. It is very important to have a consensus, that densification is the answer to the current traffic and environmental problems."

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