Andrei Diaconescu was invited to take part in the conference "How we (DO NOT) build in Romania. Solutions to the challenges of the moment", organized by DC News Media Group.

Among other things, he spoke about the lack of sustainable projects in Romania, in the absence of predictability, but also of innovative solutions. One of these solutions, which One United Properties has undertaken, is geoexchange, which saves 60-70% of gas and electricity consumption.

"Sustainability is a hot topic everywhere, in Europe and worldwide. How do we manage to develop projects that no longer depend on traditional sources of gas and electricity? For this, our company decided to do 4 out of 5 projects with the geoexchange solution, i.e., heat exchange with the earth. This means that 60-70% of gas and electricity consumption will be saved. Practically, we no longer consume this gas and electricity",

the co-founder of One United Properties explained.

He also emphasized the importance of predictability in this sector, for long-term sustainable development.

"We must be aware that all these big investors can move their interest to other cities - it would be a happy situation in Romania - or to other countries. Whether we like it or not, these big investors are the ones who set the trends in a market, they are the ones who change the image of the city, who change people's lives, they are the ones who change the way of living and the way of working. And they need trust and predictability. If one intends today to invest 100 million euros, he wants to know that after 3-4 years, after legally managing to obtain the approvals and authorizations for the project in question, he will be able to build within the acquisition parameters. If we fail to create this predictability, in reality we will only favour small, opportunistic, speculative investments. We will not have sustainable development."

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