On Tuesday evening, One United Properties co-founder was the guest of the publicist, writer, and historian Ion Cristoiu, in the live show "Face to face" broadcast by Gândul.ro. The two had a casual dialogue about profession, family, passions, but also the entrepreneurial environment in Romania.

How to develop a successful business in our country, what Romanians prefer in terms of housing, but also how the pandemic affected the real estate sector, these were just some of the topics of their conversation.

"I think the most important thing is to have an idea and be able to explain it in an extremely simple way", said Andrei Diaconescu at Gândul, showing that a healthy vision and a good business idea, in which the founders truly believe, are the first step towards building a solid business. "If you have an idea, in the end, the money will come", he added, pointing that in recent years Romania has brought many creative and strong Romanian businesses to the market, which contribute to the general economic growth. However, "the Romanian business environment is still in its infancy. We are 32 years old, but it is not enough. The Romanian capital begins to form and is now becoming consistent. Once it gets consistent, he has to take it to the next level and be aware of what it can do."

Regarding the real estate sector, Andrei Diaconescu believes that performance comes when you always have the client in mind, when everything is built for the client, and offer a quality, durable product that preserves very well over time. It is also the vision of One United Properties, and with each development, be it residential, office or mixed, the company considers how the people who will live or work in that building will feel, from the design phase. How do they feel when entering the building, when taking the elevator, how does the light fall on the pavement and how should the interior be compartmentalized for everyone's needs? Furthermore, “there are three important things in real estate. Location, location, location", explained Andrei Diaconescu and pointed out that when his company thinks about a new development, it considers only the best areas of the city. “We see between 100 and 200 plots of land every year. From those, we choose five, which is very few. The ones that pass obviously mean that they meet certain criteria. They have a desirable location, and a fair price. I think we are doing some special projects. Things will change step by step in this sector, I think it's the market that weeds out those who don't do things right. People won't buy those products anymore."

The word on everyone's lips these days, energy, is also a challenge for the real estate sector, and Andrei Diaconescu told Gândul that green solutions are a priority in the company's investments. Through the partnership with Veolia, One United Properties will implement one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly geoexchange systems, which will ensure approximately 70% energy independence of the building.

Regarding his hobbies, Andrei Diaconescu admitted that he loves reading, a passion instilled by his mother, a Romanian language teacher, but also chess, as he is also the Vice-President of the Romanian Chess Federation. "I hope that in 10 years we will be in the top 3-5 worldwide."

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