Digi24's "Business Club" show hosted Andrei Diaconescu, the co-founder of One United Properties, on Tuesday evening.

He spoke with Ligia Munteanu, the presenter of the show, about trends in the real estate market and the challenges of big developers. Andrei Diaconescu emphasized the importance of mixed-use compounds in sustainable urban development, which contribute to limiting traffic through quick access to commercial and educational services for residents and tenants. He also pointed out that the local real estate market continues to be one with many opportunities for development, while also being the most accessible for purchase in terms of price / income ratio. In this context, the expected price increases for the coming years are a consequence of the fact that there is demand for new sustainable housing that cannot be sufficiently addressed at the moment.

Another topic covered in the discussion at Digi24 was the involvement of developers in the restoration of historic buildings. Andrei Diaconescu spoke about the strategic approach that One United Properties has adopted in this regard, currently having four such restoration projects. This segment is different from real estate development from scratch and involves teams of specialized architects, builders, designers that are able to bring back to life these old buildings by complying with the legislation in force.

The full interview can be watched here: