In a recent interview for Romania Insider, the co-founder of One United Properties has discussed the company’s strategy for the following years on building green and healthy communities, revitalizing abandoned areas in the city and restoring historical landmarks.

“Our objective is to continue to build in a responsible manner and generate new landmarks on the city map, while integrating the latest solutions in terms of construction, energy efficiency and design”,

he pointed out.

Urban regeneration plays an important role in One United Properties’ strategy as does the restoration of historical landmarks in Bucharest, such as the Braikoff House (One Athénée) and the former Ford factory in Floreasca (One Gallery).

”Being part of the preservation of the local cultural heritage is very important to us. Bucharest has a large number of historical buildings that are in an advanced state of decay, though they are part of our history, of our evolution as a community. Our children deserve to have access to this part of history, to learn about the past and architecture is one important way to do this.”

Andrei Diaconescu has also explained that One United Properties sees urban regeneration both in terms of preserving the cultural heritage of the city by investments in restoration and in terms of revitalizing abandoned areas in the city and transforming them into new and lively communities.

”As a developer we feel responsible for the areas we build in, for the local communities. Developments such as One Herăstrău Towers or One Herăstrău Park were built on the site of abandoned structures, thus revitalizing the entire neighbourhoods, and bringing advantages to all the residents. Large-scale developments such as One Cotroceni Park and the upcoming One Cotroceni Towers rebuild abandoned industrial platforms and transform them into new communities, offering people quick access to various services, under the concept of the "15-minute city". Our landmark development One Floreasca City is another example of involvement in sustainable urban development: a new community is formed on the premises of a forgotten place, and, at the same time, we contributed to the modernization of the infrastructure in the area and the widening of the road, following an investment of EUR 1 million.”

”We believe that in our case, ESG is not only the driver for increasing the overall value of the company, but also contributing to building a strong city brand for Bucharest”,

he added.

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