The co-founder of One United Properties gave an interview to the UPBizz Entrepreneurship Center at POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, in which he spoke to students about his career, his first years as an entrepreneur, but also about the most important decisions that contributed to his career.

Andrei Diaconescu related the moment when he and Victor Căpitanu decided to invest in real estate and how they started one of the most famous brands in the field, One United Properties.

"The first risk you take is to be an entrepreneur. Not to have a fixed, recurring income that you can rely on. But it is a risk that on the one hand strongly motivates you, keeps you constantly out of your comfort zone, and forces you to make continuous progress; and on the other hand, it is a risk worth taking, because it also rewards you. Then, if we talk about One United Properties, another risk we took was the distrust of people in the real estate field at that time, because we started the company in the midst of the Lehman Brothers crisis. Nobody was willing to invest in real estate then, but we did our calculations, and we understood the enormous opportunity we had in front of us, we felt the extraordinary potential that the industry.”

The full interview and the advice that Andrei Diaconescu gave to the students, here.