Beatrice Dumitrașcu, CEO Residential Division One United Properties, was present as a speaker at the ZF conference Trends in the residential market held on Thursday, April 7.

The event organized by Ziarul Financiar brought together real estate professionals, who discussed the trends in the residential market, the evolution of sales, sustainability and the adaptability of developers to the market conditions of 2022.

The discussion was initiated by Sorin Pîslaru, Editor-in-Chief of Ziarul Financiar, who emphasized that the real estate market was one of the main drivers of the economy during the pandemic. He also pointed out that we must not lose sight of the issue of sustainability in this area, a point of major importance.

"One United Properties has been a member of Romania Green Building Council since 2015. All developments delivered to date are Green Homes certified, which means more than the concept of sustainability to which the world referred 5 years ago. People already know that today, when we talk about sustainability, we are talking about the building materials we use and many other values that we need to keep in mind in all these developments. Sustainability ultimately means that you really want to have a development that will meet the needs of your residents at the end of the day. This also refers to all the benefits of proximity that you present the customer with",

said Beatrice Dumitrașcu during the event.

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