Our VP Residential Sales relates in the latest issue of Luxury Magazine what it takes to be a highly appreciated real estate professional, what the challenges on the Romanian market are and how One United Properties has become a benchmark brand in the industry.

The cover story reveals a highly motivated woman, a dedicated mother and a very determined real estate professional. Few people know that Beatrice Dumitrașcu graduated the Faculty of Journalism, but immediately felt that real estate was the thing for her.

”Ten years ago I would get on my car, open the map on the right seat and start looking for new properties. I used to place leaflets in people’s mail boxes and anxiously wait for the weekly real estate newspaper to come out. Today, I’m getting in my car, a turn on Waze, I use the Internet and social media for my searches, we plan strategic business and communication approaches to the real estate market.”

Things have definitely changed over the past 10 years and Beatrice has learned one important thing: being a true professional is a matter of willing, dedication and ethics.

“What makes One United a leader in real estate development is the fact that the company managed to become a premium brand delivering quality products. We bring the location, the concept and the expertise, we have the best team of design and architecture professionals, while the customers can always make their own contribution to customizing the apartment.”

How can one translate the word “luxury” in terms of real estate? Beatrice believes that it “means location, concept, lifestyle, but also personal preferences; one can find all of these in the concept of design apartments that One United promotes.”