In a clear demonstration of its exceptional management practices, One United Properties has been recognized as one of the Best Managed Companies by Deloitte Romania. The prestigious award is part of Deloitte's international program, which takes place annually in over 40 countries, aiming to evaluate and acknowledge companies that excel in: strategic management, culture, innovation-resources, and governance.

Deloitte Romania's Best Managed Companies initiative is structured around a rigorous evaluation process, where an independent jury decides which companies deserve certification or recertification based on their performance in the four key pillars mentioned above, that serve as a comprehensive framework to assess the overall organizational strength and management effectiveness of participating companies.

The 2023 edition of the program witnessed several Romanian entrepreneurial companies being recognized, with a collective turnover of 2.7 billion euros and employing over 8,000 individuals. Among these, One United Properties emerged as a standout recipient, solidifying its status as a company with exemplary management practices.

One United Properties' achievement in receiving the Deloitte Best Managed Companies certification attests to its commitment to international best practices in organizational management, reflecting its dedication to strategic vision, a positive corporate culture, continuous innovation, and robust governance.

The Best Managed Companies initiative, a longstanding international program by Deloitte that has been running since 1993 in more than 45 countries globally, has gained prominence for its role in analysing and benchmarking business organizations against international best practices. The program made its debut in Romania in 2022, and with the 2023 edition, it continues to be a cornerstone in recognizing and celebrating companies that exemplify excellence in management and organizational prowess. One United Properties' inclusion in the list of certified companies underscores its commitment to maintaining and elevating its standards in the years to come.