Over the years, women have written history in all areas, even in those believed to be dedicated only to men, such as aviation, science or medicine.

In a world with powerful women that have key positions in state functions and in the private sector, a new generation of women managers, entrepreneurs or consultants rises day by day and companies begin to bring up the future leaders. For the special March issue, ZF După Afaceri Premium has selected six representatives of the beautiful (not weak) sex who run top businesses in their fields of activity or set up their own businesses along with which they grew up with, thus becoming a name in the Romanian market.

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It was a great occasion for our company’s VP Residential Sales, Beatrice Dumitrașcu, to speak about her interests, about the things that make her happy and define her personality after the working program ends. Most of the time, everyone knows what a businesswoman does at the office and for the real estate market, Beatrice’s accomplishments speak for herself. But what is yet to be discovered about such women is what they do after the office hours end and who they are after business hours.