The new requirements for office space, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, will determine companies to either rent larger spaces or give up certain compartments, such as meeting rooms. In a discussion with Ziarul Financiar, Mihai Păduroiu, CEO Office Division One United Properties stated that in his opinion there will be a gradual come back to working places:

”Most people work from home nowadays, but our feedback is that this type of working is not necessarily a successful model to be applied in the long run, but it is rather a model that works in the current crisis situation. Some companies will reconfigure the office and give up certain areas. The number of square meters allocated per workstation was 8 square meters on average, now we will talk about at least 12 square meters to keep the distance between employees. In some cases, meeting rooms will no longer be used, in others, the leasable area will increase, but the trend is to increase the area”,

Mihai believes.

More details on how office work will look like here.