Diana Nanu, Strategic Advisor One United Properties Office Division, on the major trends in real estate office market

How is Romania’s real estate office market evolving and what trends have developers noticed? How is lifestyle changing the way we look at our workspaces? And can the office become an important part in a company’s HR strategy? These are amongst the main subjects discussed on September 25th, in Bucharest, at the fourth edition of the ZF Offices and Residential Conference, the event that brings together the most active real estate developers on the local market. One United Properties is one of the main partners of the event and takes part in the debate panel agenda.

For the Office Panel, the company representative Diana Nanu, Strategic Advisor One Office – One United Properties office division, was invited to discuss important subjects regarding the Romanian office market.

“One Floreasca City, One Verdi Park, One Cotroceni Park have come to the attention of the customers who are now more educated than ever. People know what works, what they want, and younger generations have no hesitation in verbalizing what they want. This has made us move to these multifunctional projects”,

said Diana Nanu at the 2019 ZF Offices and Residential Conference. She also added that

“over 70% of the tenants are not satisfied with the conditions of their office spaces. It is essential that we calibrate everything we think about today to the expectations of the people who will occupy these office spaces.”

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