One United Properties was honoured at the Forbes Life Awards 2023, held at the Bragadiru Palace on the evening of November 9th. This exceptional event, dedicated to celebrating life's simple pleasures and themed "Parisian Nights" showcased elegance and refinement. Infused with the charm of "la vie en rose", the evening overflowed with emotion and gratitude.

A notable moment was the awards ceremony, during which the Forbes Good Life Homes trophy was presented to One United Properties. In a moment of recognition, Beatrice Dumitrașcu, CEO of the Residential Division at One United Properties, received the Forbes Good Life Homes trophy, underscoring the well-deserved acknowledgment of One's commitment to excellence in real estate development.

One United Properties was acknowledged for its stated goal of creating prosperous and sustainable communities through the development of cutting-edge, energy-efficient buildings, fostering sustainable value growth.

During the award introduction, it was emphasized that ONE's projects have reshaped the paradigm in the local real estate market, establishing new standards for the quality of life in Bucharest. The premium apartments and penthouses adhere to high, sustainable, and energy-efficient standards. Characterized by high ceilings, premium finishes, and minimalist luxury furniture with subtle glamorous touches, these spaces redefine the concept of "home". They represent a new standard of living, offering luxury, relaxation, exclusivity, family life, and community, making them deserving recipients of the Forbes Good Life Homes Award.