A Euronews team of journalists went to several construction sites to ask the experts for their opinion on how construction is done in Romania.

The specialists explained that building regulations have changed in our country after the 1977 earthquake several times and, in addition, the quality of building materials has increased significantly. Compared to 1992, the earthquake resistance standards in the modern design code have doubled, and an earthquake like the one in 1977 would no longer bring down buildings built in the last 20-30 years. There is a whole flow of testing right from the design stage, and specialists advise those interested in making a purchase to look at the experience and history of the developer, as well as the quality of the finishes.

"The earthquake that caused havoc in 1977, for a correctly designed and correctly executed building in Bucharest, should produce only moderate damage to the structural elements. If the execution is bad, the buildings will suffer severely",

explains Eng. Florian Țilimpea, associate professor at the Technical University of Construction Bucharest and representative of Allied Engineers Grup, the company that provided consulting on the resistance structure in the development of One Cotroceni Park.

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