In an extensive article for Hotnews, One United Properties representatives explain the advantages of multi-functional developments for the increasingly crowded cities in which we live.

Mixed-use developments represent a significant opportunity for a conscious approach to urban planning and a solution to connect communities and reduce car dependency.

"Multifunctional developments bring together essential components of daily life, from homes and workspaces, to commercial, sports, leisure or educational facilities, thus creating a compact node, a community that has access to all the daily services and, thus, no longer spends hours in traffic, from one corner of the city to the other. When living, working and leisure areas are not connected, but located at great distances from each other, in different areas of the city, the tendency to use the personal car on a daily basis increases. Conversely, when people have access to these services nearby or even within the same compound, they are encouraged to walk or cycle. The benefits are obvious, and cities can thus become cities for people",

says Beatrice Dumitrașcu, CEO Residential Division One United Properties.

The developer One United Properties was a pioneer in promoting mixed-use real estate concepts in Romania. These help create inclusive and connected communities. In mixed-use areas, people can find housing, restaurants, commercial services, schools, green spaces, cultural and entertainment facilities, and more. Examples such as One Floreasca City, One Herăstrău Towers or One Cotroceni City show how former abandoned areas can be revisited and transformed into new, active communities, true landmarks on the city map that change the dynamics of the entire neighbourhood in which they are located.

"There is a lot of talk these days around the 15-minute city concept, that includes daily necessary services that residents can access either on foot or by bike, at a distance of a quarter of an hour from home. Basically, within a 15-minute distance we find the essentials: infrastructure for mobility, health, leisure, work, education, recreation, and supply, including grocery stores, restaurants, offices. It's an ideal scenario where we no longer have to run from one corner of the city to another to go to the office, take the children to school or go out to dinner with friends",

says Urban Architect. Simona Văleanu, Executive Director at X Architecture & Engineering, the architecture company that signs the projects for most One United Properties developments.

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