The office sector is in full transformation, influenced by the pandemic and the dynamics imposed by the new requirements of companies that have returned to the office, but also by new types of work, such as remote or hybrid work.

In the latest interview for Romania Insider, Mihai Păduroiu, CEO of the Office Division at One United Properties, discusses the trends governing office developments.

With a shift towards employee well-being, companies now prioritize spaces that place physical and mental health at the forefront, recognizing that these factors enhance productivity and job satisfaction. One United Properties is at the forefront of this movement, offering certified, comfortable, and well-ventilated workspaces that support the well-being of those who work in them.

Another significant trend is flexibility in the context of remote work. One United Properties proposes ergonomic and adaptable office spaces that support agile work methods, meeting diverse needs and adapting to various work styles. Furthermore, hybrid work models are becoming increasingly popular as companies embrace the "work near home" concept, and Mihai discusses how One United Properties has integrated this trend into their designs.

In conclusion, Mihai Păduroiu underscores for Romania Insider that One United Properties is shaping the future of office spaces, prioritizing employee well-being, sustainability, and flexibility, setting new standards for an ever-evolving sector and promoting a people-centric approach to office space design, trends that will continue to develop in the future.

The full interview is available here.