Last week One United Properties announced that it has sold one of the penthouses in One Mircea Eliade residential project for a record amount of 6.8 million euros. Beatrice Dumitrașcu, VP Residential Sales One United Properties, was invited at Adevărul Financiar to detail the transaction.

”A luxury property is hard to sell if you do not know the product very well. As long as you know the product, but also the market, it is not so complicated, because you work with a limited portfolio of clients. There are not many who buy such properties, I do not say that you count them on your fingers, but there are not many such buyers. These kinds of transactions take a long time, they are well documented, you need to go into many details and to understand the client’s objectives and lifestyle, as in all selling cases as a matter of fact. It’s not a transaction you close in a day or two.”

The full video interview here.