In a recent interview with Forbes Romania for the editorial project Lessons for 2024, Victor Căpitanu discussed the opportunities that the Romanian real estate market holds, as well as the plans of One United Properties for the current year.

The business lessons applied by entrepreneurs in their companies are based on experiences from past years, and resilience seems to be a keyword in numerous public discussions.

"In 2023, we adapted to new market conditions, facing a new inflationary reality and the cost of money, but a reality in which we achieved excellent results. We grew on all fronts, and it is a trend we aim to maintain",

said the co-founder of One United Properties for Forbes.

Regarding the local business environment, Victor Căpitanu expresses confidence in the potential of the real estate industry and sees significant opportunities for our country:

"Romania holds a strong position within Central and Eastern Europe, offering the highest yields and profitability in the region and the EU. Only the Bucharest and Ilfov region contributes a third to the country's GDP, placing it among the most developed regions in Europe. I believe Romania is in one of its best moments in history: the country has a robust economy, with an estimated GDP of around 350 billion euros for the year 2024, and just the Bucharest-Ilfov region has a GDP approaching 100 billion euros. Just Bucharest, for example, surpasses the total economy of Croatia or Bulgaria and represents more than half of Hungary's GDP."

The interview is available here.